This is the 6th available armor in the game. The armor is a good replacement for the SanguineChaos armor, as it can be quite affordable. It is unlocked at level 15, only to be bought with gold.


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Drillmaster armor with shotgun

This armor takes a more bulky, yet sleek look with blue color theme with some lights on the helmet. The suit's helmet is rather big and oblong-shaped with a green-coloured visor and there seems to be obvious breathing tubes on the bottom. There is additional shoulder, arm and knee padding when compared to the Combat Suit. The Drillmaster has a similar build compared to the SanguineChaos. This armor is most popular amoung experienced players who doesn't  wish to spend money, due to it being the most powerfull all-around armor under 100 crystals.

Armor AbilitiesEdit

Level 2:Edit

Recovers 25% hp on a kill.

Level 4:Edit

Max shield increases by 10% by using a skill. (It is unknown whether this resets upon death)

Level 6:Edit

Reflects 30% of damage taken on enemy.


Max shield decreases by 2% every time damage is taken until player dies, then it resets.


Purchasing Price: 35000 Gold

Upgrade Prices: 2000 Gold, 10000 Gold, 20000 Gold, 49 Crystals, 49 Crystals, 99 Crystals

Starting Stats:

Shield: 260 HP: 160

Stats after All Upgrades:

Shield: 750 HP: 375


This armor is best at "rushing" (continuously running around with a Shotgun/HW-10 Machairodus and other light support weapons, quite effective and easily get player drops). The only direct problem is the weakness of the suit. Although it seems quite minute, players with high RPM weapons (Marauders and Heavy Machine Guns) will effectively deplete your shield and decrease it to a point of near uselessness. However, when the suit reaches level 4 (costs 35000 Gold 49 Crystals total), the suit reaches it's near max potential, capable of increasing max shield faster than it is depleted. Using it with the skill Grenades and the talent Master Blaster, the suit can gain maximum shield faster at about 5% per 5 seconds (using the skill as fast as possible). Like the SanguineChaos, this suit relies on player skill as the stats are adjustable in-match and can become very powerful at end-game if used properly.


  • When using the Drillmaster, watch out for people with Heavy Machine Guns and Marauders, they are your worst enemy!
  • If you see a person's profile in the match loading screen (you can do that by tapping on them) with a Level 0-3 Drillmaster, don't be afraid, they're not as powerful as you think
  • Don't combine this with the autoturret skill, it recharges very slowly and it is less effective
  • Even at the max level, you can get sniped using this suit, so try going for speed
  • If you have a max level Drillmaster try to damage someone you cant beat as much as you can, as the reflection could kill them for you!