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Evolves are passive buffs that cost gold to upgrade. Each evolve can buff up to 30% when maxed. There are 4 evolves total. For each evolve, you can upgrade from level 1 to level 20. When your evolve is maxed to 20, it will appear on your profile, like talents when maxed.

Evolves are unlocked at level 5

Remember, Costs of Evolve depends on the  basis of coins.


Purchase Order Cost
Level 1 2,000 
Level 2 5,000
Level 3 10,000
Level 4 15,000
Level 5 20,000
Level 6 30,000
Level 7 35,000
Level 8 40,000
Level 9 45,000
Levels 10-20 50,000

Death Resistant: 

Increases HP by 1.5% per level. (Unlocked at level 5)

Recommended to max second


Increases your damage when your shield is exhausted by 1.5% per evolve's level. (Unlocked at level 10)

Recommended to max last

Piercing rounds:

Gives a chance for your bullets to pass through enemies' shields, dealing damage to HP. (Unlocked at level 15)

Recommended to max third

Enhanced reflexes:

Gives you a chance to dodge attacks. (Unlocked at level 20)

This is highly recommended to max first