The Ginger Soldier is an elite armor (currently not available) obtained in the christmas lucky spin. As implied by the name, the Ginger Soldier looks like a gingerbread man and has a similar looking gun (Candy Baker). Its first ability (unlocked at level two) is the ginger assault, which when activated, shoots the Ginger Soldier foward and deals damage (amount currently unknown) to anything it hits. The second ability (unlocked at level four) is the cake landmine which explodes when players walk across them.

Upgrade costs. Edit

Armor: Edit

1 star: 5000 gold

2 star: 10000 gold (unlocks first ability)

Ginger Soldier

3 star: 20000 gold

4 star: 40000 gold (unlocks second ability)

5 star: 49 tcrystals

6 star: 99 tcrystals (increases damage of the two abilities by 100%)

Stats: Edit

After all upgrade:

Shield ------ 750

HP ------ 500

Candy baker

Candy Baker

Gun: Edit

1 star: 5000

2 star: 10000

3 star: 20000

4 star: 40000

5 star: 49 tcrystals

6 star: 99 tcrystals


After all upgrade:

Damage ----- 486

RPM ----- 120

Ammo ----- 10

Reload ----- 2.5

Speed ----- 20%

As the gun is very much like a shotgun, this armor is recommended for rushing.

This hero is also like Sarutobi and the Pumpkin Knight. Both with a grenade-like ability and a dashing ability.Edit

Sarutobi is a type of an harder opponent for the ginger soldierEdit