"King of the Hill" is a game mode where you must go to a certain area of the map with teammates to find and capture the "hill", a designated area on the map where you can gain points. Hold a position near the pole or "hill", so you see a lightning rod going from you to the pole, for about 5 seconds. As a result, you will gain 10 points. If 1 other teammate is there holding the same position for 10 seconds, you will receive 20 points. You will also gain the 10 points after 5 seconds, but after 10 seconds, it will be 20. Also, if you have 2 teammates capturing the hill by holding the position mentioned above, you will gain 30 points after 15 seconds. Also, you will gain 10 and 20 points, but after it reaches 30 points, it will stay at that amount of points. The goal of this mode is to reach 300 points.

Strategies Edit

Two members of the team should distract and kill the enemy while two other members of the team are standing in position, gaining points and possibly sniping. This way, the scorers have protection and gain points. Also, place auto-turrets around the "hill" just in case the enemy team tries to take it back. In addition, the auto-turrets would also provide you with extra firepower against the opposing team.