Description The Mark-6 117R is a tier two suit of armor in Call of Mini Infinity. It has an army green suit with a purple stripe design on the head and the upper arm-pads. A bright yellow visor completes the look along with they yellow lights along the side of the helmet. 


Purchasable for 25000 gold it is a small price to pay for the usefulness of the suit. This is the ultimate suit for snipers. With 20% bonus sniper damage at level 2 and above, a chance to piece shields and a bunch of free critical shots you will be sure to snipe your enemy into submission with this suit of armor!

Level 2: Sniper weapons damage increased by 20%

Level 4: 10% chance to piece shields

Level 6: Get three guaranteed critical shots after each reload.

Weakness: Reduces your movement speed by 30% when your shield is damaged. This causes the user to become an easier target.