"Skill Buff" Talents are talents used to strengthen the user's skill(s). Located in the same place as the normal talents, they are unlocked with the Level 3 Tier Talent 'Pistolero.' These talents affect the Grenade, Autoturret and the EM Force Field. "Skill Buff" Talents include 'Master Blaster,' 'Missile Turrets' and 'Unbreakable.'

Master Blaster: Increases grenade blast damage and reduces grenade cooldown Edit

Lv1: +15% blast damage, -1s cooldown

Lv2: +30% blast damage, -2s cooldown

Lv3: +45% blast damage, -3s cooldown

Lv4: +60% blast damage, -4s cooldown

Lv5: +75% blast damage, -5s cooldown

Missle Turrets: Your turrets can launch missiles Edit

Lv1: Launch one missile every 8 seconds

Lv2: Launch one missile every 7 seconds

Lv3: Launch one missile every 6 seconds

Lv4: Launch one missile every 5 seconds

Lv5: Launch one missile every 4 seconds

Unbreakable: Increases damage absorbed by EM Force Field Edit

Lv1: +20% EM Force Field HP

Lv2: +40% EM Force Field HP

Lv3: +60% EM Force Field HP

Lv4: +80% EM Force Field HP

Lv5: +100% EM Force Field HP