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  Skills are special abilities that can be used during a match. Skills are rechargable.

Present skills:


"Throw a grenade damaging all enemies in range."

The first skill unlocked, the grenade is a effective attack to damage multiple enemies and also to destroy turrets. The skill can be upgraded to throw more grenades and increase damage. Combined with master blaster, the grenade can prove formidable in a cross-fire.


"Set up a turret that automatically attacks enemies in range."

Autoturrets are designed to attack enemies, but usually irritate them or take out their shields. They can do a lot of damage and have a lot of shield, rendering them essential as backup to attacks. The disadvantage is that only one can be placed at a time, so the sentry turret skill is not as good as expected to be.

EM Force Field:

"Generate an electromagnetic force field to block frontal attacks."

The EM shield is good for protecting snipers and heavys who normally camp in a spot attacking people. It has an insane amount of health to absorb even the toughest attacks. There are some ways to attack people inside the shield, for example with explosives. Come close to the shield and shoot at them with a shotgun, the attack will go through. Also splash damage weapons can damage them.


"Turn invisible for a short time."

Used widely by good players to sneak attack on other people. The attack, combined with the HW-10 Machairodus can be a easy way to avoid fire.  Often, with a Black Mamba, this ability renders a sniper practically invinceable and garentees a kill.  


"Fast transport between two points."

Generates warp gates that teleport you through to the other one. They can be destroyed, and they despawn after a certain amount of time.


"Help proportionally restore the HP per second within limits."

Heals friendly players and the player when within the aura of the skill.