Tier 1 Talents consist of 'Shields Up,' 'Long Mags,' 'Retinal Implants' and 'Killer Instinct.' Talents serve as a passive effect on a character, granting them boosts in areas of a player's personal preference. A player can have a total of 39 total Talent Points, having earned 31 by leveling up and buying the extra 8. When buying talent points, the price rises by 10 tCrystals with every one you buy. Tier 2 talents are unlocked as soon as 5 Talent Points have been spent on any of the 4 Tier 1 talents.

Shields Up: Increases your shield HP Edit

Lv1: +4% shield HP

Lv2: +8% shield HP

Lv3: +12% shield HP

Lv4: +16% shield HP

Lv5: +20% shield HP

This ability is useful in low armor or heroes like the low shield hero Fireowl Defender.

Long Mags: Increases magazine capacity Edit

Lv1: +5% magazine capacity

Lv2: +10% magazine capacity

Lv3: +15% magazine capacity

Lv4: +20% magazine capacity

Lv5: +25% magazine capacity

This ability has NO effect on the Engi Whisperer.

This ability has NO effect on the Hunter

and also no effect on the melee range characters

Retinal Implants: Increases critical hit chance Edit

Lv1: +2% critical hit chance

Lv2: +4% critical hit chance

Lv3: +6% critical hit chance

Lv4: +8% critical hit chance

Lv5: +10% critical hit chance

This ability becomes extremely effective with machine gun type weapons like the Heavy Machine Gun or The Marauder.

Killer Instinct: Kills increase your movement speed Edit

Lv1: +5% movement speed

Lv2: +10% movement speed

Lv3: +15% movement speed

Lv4: +20% movement speed

Lv5: +25% movement speed

This ability is useful for melee weapons as it makes you faster. Your chance of being hit by your enemy goes down drastically.